Nobody Expects the Inquisitorius (Session Recap, Force and Destiny)

This upcoming Thursday will be the second session of our Force and Destiny campaign.  While we mainly did character creation last session, we had a bit more meat to the session than our introductory Iron Kingdoms game, and I wanted to make sure I got a summary posted before we dove into our next session.

Our game is set about 15 years after Order 66, coincidentally around the same time that Star Wars Rebels is set.

All of our characters are former padawans whose masters died during the Clone Wars, and who received our promotion to knighthood right before Order 66 was issued.  Because of people like Cad Bane breaking into the Jedi Temple and the bombings perpetrated by Barriss Offee, Mace Windu had a ship set aside as a reliquary vessel, a ship that would carry artifacts from the Jedi archives, staffed by trustworthy temple staff, and guarded by newly minted Jedi Knights, along with one master to coordinate the effort.

Almost as soon as the artifacts were loaded on the ship, Order 66 was issued.  The Jedi on the reliquary ship survived because none of the staff were clones.  Our master devised a plan where only one Jedi would be onboard the ship at a time, and in between shifts, the rest of us would lie low, until we met with another of our group to coordinate shift change on the ship.

This is where our session began.  My ithorian Jedi was just about to start his shift, when he found the Jedi Master slaughtered by a lightsaber, and quickly found himself running from an Inquisitor and shadow troopers.  I got to make a fear check, cut open a window with my lightsaber, and use the Force to close a door.

Since it seemed that the master had been discovered despite all of our protocols, I hit the emergency recall that we had, and all of our merry bad converged and met up in Nar Shaddaa.  Apparently I stood out like a paranoid ithorian.  The macrobinoculars probably didn’t help.

Eventually we realized that we had been discovered, and split up to separately arrive at our transport and get back to our ship.  Apparently me trying to stop and heal people wasn’t a good idea.  Oh, and a city block got vaporized with turbolaser fire where we had our initial meeting, so it was probably good that we moved at that point.

All together on our ship and out of danger  (for the moment), we received a last message from our master, who tasked us with finding more Force sensitives, and more artifacts, to keep them safe from the Empire.  Upon looking at various locations, my ithorian tried to discern a bit about the future for each location that we might travel towards.

Since I rolled a dark side point for one of the locations, I suffered the strain, and let it color my vision of the future.  I determined where a powerful artifact might be, but was dwelling on how that power might be used to make us safe . . . to make us invincible!  Hooray, conflict!

We decided which artifact we would follow up on, and set course.  At the end of the session, I rolled my morality check and subtracted my Conflict, and sunk every so slightly towards the Dark Side.  My ithorian is balanced between caution and fear, and in light of the inquisitor’s attack, finding artifacts that can be used preemptively, that can be used to put fear into our enemies, is looking like a definite prospect.  Surely doing something like this, just once, in an extreme situation, won’t change my ithorian’s outlook, right?

Note:  I didn’t go into a lot of detail about my fellow Jedi because, well, it was character creation night, and a lot of people changed some options around, so anything that wasn’t an important plot point was up for grabs.  Always in motion in the future, but next time around, I should have some more detail about my fellow Jedi Knights in hiding.

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