A Nice Stroll Into the War Zone (Iron Kingdoms Session Two)

So, I mentioned that our intrepid team of mercenaries, the Stonegrinder Irregulars, were hired by the Harbinger of Menoth.  We were invited into her service by multiple fanatics that ran themselves to death delivering her message.  Which of course made us reluctant to say no and just a little terrified of taking the job.

After looking at the various paths we could take to get to our new job, we “wisely” decided to hug the river as we traveled on the edge of the Thornwood.  Before you look at me that way, there really wasn’t a good way to get from point A to point B.  Plus, we have a warjack.  Sure, he’s small, but he’s intimidating.  
A few days into the trip, while camping, we had some visitors.  Nice, friendly Duskwolves.  Well, friendly may have been an overstatement.  They were hungry, and willing to gnaw on us.  There were injuries on both sizes, but only fatalities on one, so that’s a good thing.  In the end, my fearless Ogren bodyguard was seriously snacked upon, but he survived, and began the road to good health as we secured passage up the river.
I got to negotiate with a river pirate . . . er . . . I mean a fine river captain for hire.  He did warn us that if there was any sign of trouble, mainly Khador forces, we would get a partial discount and be dropped off the first place that was feasible.  
We had a long boring trip down the river, until we found lots and lots of trees torn up.  It was pretty obvious that this wasn’t the work of a storm or anything mundane, and our dear captain decided to refund our cash and drop us off on the banks.
This is when I was inspired as to what our new company uniforms were going to look like.  Durable, supple, thick leather coats and boots, maybe gloves.  And lots of them, to account for new members of the company in the future.
I knew what I uniforms were going to look like because we found out what those uniforms were going to be made out of, and incidentally, what had knocked all of those trees down.  A huge reptilian creature, a Dracodile.  
I would like to say I was useful in this fight.  I guess I was after a fashion.  I gave orders to our allies in order to keep firing on the beast, which gave them a little boost to attack.  Other than that, I just wasted a lot of ammunition on the beast.  
As our Ogren was nearly recovered from the long trip up the river, unfortunately our Nyss storm sorcerer was plucked from the top of the wagon, shook around violently, and dropped back into our wagon, badly injured.  I managed to shoot a tree in the dracodile’s path, which kept its jaws busy, briefly.
It took a combination of our Iosan investigator tossing grenades down the creature’s gullet and the Ogren beating it repeatedly in the head, and some shelling from the warjack before it died.  And then we had uniform material!  The dracodile may have also swallowed a Khadoran Man O War.  Our fearless leader had us bury the man’s body out of respect.  
Eventually we made it to the Protectorate camp, and were escorted to the Harbinger of Menoth. The Harbinger and her forces were pretty impressive.  Apparently our crew were to escort the Harbinger and a small force while her big, obvious forces moved another route and drew the attention of various forces.  
I strongly suspect there is more at play than a simple escort mission, but our team is getting paid their own island in the bay around Five Fingers.  Plus we have uniform material now.  
Personal Observations

I was the annoying player this session.  I’m not sure what was wrong with me, but once I hit on the whole uniform joke, I ran it into the ground.  Had I mentioned it once and then maybe again once the dracodile was dead, it would have been fine, but I had to be getting on everyone’s nerves.
I also wasn’t having any great ideas for my unorthodox combat ability.  I was giving very boring “orders” when I was giving people boosts, when I should have been thinking of something that sounded much better roleplaying wise.  My negotiation was even pretty weak from a roleplaying point of view.
So, if anybody from the game reads this, I’m sorry I was more of a pain than usual.  I really will try to be less annoying and more useful.  

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