That Poor Ship (Force and Destiny Session Two)

Disclaimer:  What you are about to read occurred a whole week before anyone in the public saw the Rebels episode “Rise of the Old Masters.”  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, you’ll see. 

Our team of intrepid Jedi in hiding were tasked with finding Force sensitives and artifacts, keeping them safe on our ship as we travel through the galaxy.  The first place we were going to look for artifacts would be Hoth, specifically in the ancient Starship Graveyard.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, there were already pirates in orbit above the planet.

Apparently for a cut of whatever could be salvaged, they were escorting someone else that knew there were Force artifacts on the planet.  On our way down to the planet, we tried to casually circle, but were hailed by the pirates and given a landing zone.

The pirates told us that we were losing our ship, one way or the other, but they might leave us alone to snag something valuable as long as we didn’t put up a fight.  We knew we weren’t stranded on Hoth, but they didn’t.

At any rate, things happened kind of quickly at this point.  Our Gand mystic ran onto the ship and triggered a device that produced pheromones, and he set them for Ice Trompers.  While our negotiations were turning emphatic and threatening, the trompers arrived.

For some strange reason, our Mirialan grabbed my Ithorian and ran onto the ship.  The Mirialan thought that the ship was still cycling, rather than being completely shut down.  So we were trapped on a ship that had to be started cold.  Thus, the Gand, the Mirialan, and my Ithorian were on the ship.

Our Twi’lek hunter was busy negotiating, and another of our Twi’leks was with him.  The human and Chiss members of the group used the arrival of the Ice Trompers to slip away to find the artifact undetected.

The Ice Trompers provided a distraction because the massive creatures were all surrounding our shuttle attempting to mate with it.  Those of us on the ship had an . . . enlightening view of the entire situation.  We weathered the storm, so to speak, but before we get to our plight, our human and Chiss Jedi had their own adventure.

The human and the Chiss found the ship that housed the artifacts, and found a sealed box as well as some old Jedi battle robes and other ancient equipment. They then tracked down the Gand Findsman that had another box that contained artifacts, and they ambushed him.

The trompers did enough damage to the ship that it was difficult to get out of the ship.  While the Mirialan and the Gand were trying to open the doors, my Ithorian grabbed an item on the ground outside the door using the Force and threw it at the release, opening the door.

. . . and revealing to the pirates that I was Force sensitive.  The negotiations took a very tense turn at that point, since there was likely a bounty on me.  To save everybody else, Hogan turned himself over and claimed that he was the only Jedi fugitive and that the rest of the party knew nothing about his presence.

Thinking quickly, the Gand claimed my bounty as the one valuable thing the pirates would let us claim, and we went on our way.  As we put some distance between ourselves and pirates, I apologized profusely to my friends, and swore to never use my Jedi powers in a reckless or obvious manner again.

. . . at which point the human came leaping back to the rest of us using Force leaps to cover the distance.

Between the Gand and our Twi’lek hunter/survivalist, we wrangled some Tauntauns.  We got to ride Tauntauns!  We were going to travel to the other side of the planet, to the mysterious power generator that we found on our readings earlier, where we should have members of our crew and another shuttle waiting.

We stumbled into a bit of an ambush from some snow cats, but managed them handily enough, and didn’t lose our tauntauns.

In the meantime, we found a meditation mat that could amplify the ability of a Jedi to utilize their Jedi senses, in time to feel something powerful and malevolent coming right to us . . .

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