Showdown in Khador (Iron Kingdoms RPG Recap)

Our ill-advised by deifically suggested employment was about to come to a head as the Stonegrinder Irregulars continued their march to the edge of Protectorate held Lael, towards Riversmet.

What did our hero Jurg Cragscale learn this session?

  • Scrutators apparently don’t understand the difference between theoretically explaining how bribery works to your interested party members and actually practicing briber, which Jurg would never do in a situation that would make it likely that he would get set on fire.
  • Heading into Khadoran held territory and trying to read Menoth scripture to figure out how Menite informed or Protectorate law works is unlikely to work when one does not read Khadoran.  Thankfully, our helpful Iosan second in command was willing to read me a “bed time story.”
  • Gobbers use the word “admiral” very loosely.
Heading towards our ultimate goal, we had two significant exchanges with Khador’s military.  The first one involved impressive numbers, but not as much firepower, and we managed to survive that one without many injuries, especially when our Gobber driven wagon was able to run over a good number of them.
The second engagement was more . . . daunting.
Jurg’s dear, ever appreciated Ogren bodyguard nearly died in that fight.  There weren’t quite as many Khadorans, but they brought a warcaster, a warjack, and a few Man O Wars to the engagement the second time around.
Unfortunately our fearless leader’s warjack isn’t quite up to a one on one fight with Khador’s models.  Also, we learned it doesn’t have any head butting pistons in it’s neck.  Still, we managed to shell the Urcaen out of a lot of them.  Our Iosan who I have no idea is a member of the Retribution was irrationally excited to sneak in and try to kill their warcaster.
Oh, and we may have gotten backup from the Avatar.  A little.
Before the Khadoran warcaster went away, however, his warjack managed to do quite a bit of damage to our Ogren, and I didn’t have a chance to call for help until I had dispatched the Man O War that had pretty good odds of killing me as well, had I not gotten a bit lucky.
In the end, the Harbinger of Menoth rewarded us with some coin and the deed to an island out in the bay off of Five Fingers. And we managed to scavenge a Khadoran warjack, which we’re going to try and trade for a more useful Rhulic warjack.  Oh, and the boss managed to save our Ogren’s life before he bled to death, so that was good.  Our wagon didn’t fare too well though.  The “admiral” was sad.
We made it all the way back to Ord, outside of Five Fingers, waiting to get a ride into town that can carry all of our stuff to the right places as we gear up to clear whatever might be on our abandoned island off of said island.

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