Life, the Universe, and Everything (or Why I Need to be Independently Wealthy)

It’s been so long since I posted that I probably dropped my audience from 7.3 people down to 2.1.  For the 2.1 of you that may be left, I’m sorry it took so long to update the blog, but unfortunately January has been one Hell of a month for me.

Forgive the real world interlude, but 2014 was already kind of a challenging year between work and everything else I’ve been juggling.  I’ve hardly been running games, but thankfully, I’ve been getting to play in other games.

Since October, my previous immediate supervisor left at work.  My work load increased a lot.  I put in a few 14 and 15 hour days.  I was also told that the new boss wouldn’t be taking back the responsibilities that I had inherited, and I wasn’t getting a raise or a new title.

We also had a new ERP system about to go live  (Enterprise Resource Planning, in case you haven’t run into the term before).  Unfortunately, by pushing the launch back a month, we found out that we had a lot more problems than we thought we had, and it’s entirely possible the whole thing was going to blow up as soon as we threw the switch in February.

Tuesday morning, lots of things went haywire.  Some of it I could juggle on my own, some of it I needed approval and/or input from higher ups. Unfortunately, said higher ups were not available.  This meant I was either going to get hammered for not getting X done on time, or I was going to get hammered for overstepping my bounds and making a judgement call in order to get something done on time.

Having been put in that kind of situation one too many times, something just kind of snapped.  I dropped my keys on my new boss’ desk, sent an email to HR, went to lunch, and never came back.

I made some quick calculations.  We’ll be fine for a little bit while I’m looking for something.  That said, I’m still pretty sure I shot myself in the foot, and that I probably should have ridden the wave of destruction to the point to where they had to walk me out instead of walking out.  But despite my concerns about acting rashly and needing to find something new in a timely manner, I still don’t feel as stressed right now as I did on a nearly daily basis going to work since October.

All of that is probably more than you needed to know about me, especially if you are just looking to read a poorly written gaming blog filled with anecdotes that are way more amusing to those that were there and gaming ideas that are probably full of holes.  That said, the reason I haven’t been posting those ideas and regurgitating game night foibles is due to the above.

I have been gaming, don’t get me wrong.  The most stressful week I had during this whole time was the week that I had to miss my Thursday night game on top of everything else.  I’ve even picked up new bad gaming habits.

But it’s a new year, a new dawn, and we’ll see what’s on the horizon soon enough.  Thanks for your time!

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