State of RPG Play, February 2015

Several things are true:

  • I haven’t been keeping up on the game session reports.
  • Life has happened really hard lately.
  • I’ve been playing Warmaching/Hordes to blow off steam, taking up what we like to call free time.
Since all of these things are true, we’ll do a quick run through of where the RPG gaming stands at the moment.
What Has Come Before

I was playing in an Iron Kingdoms game, set in Ord, with our group being a small mercenary band.  My original character, Jurg Cragscale, died explore the evil basement of an island fortress we inherited, and Alexi, a former Khadoran Iron Fang, replaced Jurg  (well, sort of–he was clearly not Treasurer material).
I was also playing in a Force and Destiny game, set about 15 years after Order 66, with our group of Jedi recovering artifacts on a ship filled with Jedi artifacts that we were keeping safe.  I was playing Hogan Dagoon, an Ithorian Jedi healer, who fell to the Dark Side and then left the party, and I replaced Hogan with Feyd Dyak, an Antarian Ranger medic.
End of Days, Part One–Iron Kingdoms

Long story short, we called down an TPK upon ourselves in the Iron Kingdoms game, and took Five Fingers with us.  We screwed up Five Fingers so bad that our next Iron Kingdoms game can’t take place in the same version of the Iron Kingdoms.
The first mistake was that our party decided to keep delving into the Evil Basement of Orgoth Doom when we were down a few players.  This mistake was compounded when two more of us were incapacitated and went back up to the surface.
We managed to find the only Orgoth Colossal ever built, and apparently never deployed.   We woke up the undead Orgoth lord watching over it, in the final battle, Alexi and our Nyss storm sorcerer were so scared we did nothing to help out, further weakening our forces.
Needless to say, we lost the fight, died, an Orgoth Colossal broke free and attacked the city, and Khador and Cryx both invaded the city to minimize the threat of the Orgoth warmachine in an effort to see who got to claim the thing first.
End of Days, Part Two–Force and Destiny

Our band of Jedi  (and an Antarian Ranger) were going to steal artifacts from Xizor to put on our ship.  Unfortunately, one of our team members was the sister of an Inquisitor, one of our old characters got shaken down by the Inquisition, and we were sort of doomed from the start.
That said, the campaign may not have ended on a high note, but we didn’t all die, so there is that.  And we preserved Luke Skywalker’s  place as the last hope of the galaxy, because we sure didn’t fit that description.
We ran into a bunch of famous bounty hunters at a party thrown by Xizor.  Vader showed up and more or less told us that he was giving us a slight head start before he killed us.  We discussed attempting to steal the artifacts and run.  We discussed trying to play Xizor against Vader.
In the end, two of us made a break for it after talking to Xizor, two of us joined the Inquisition, and Feyd, my Antarian Ranger medic crept away during the planning stages of whatever suicide mission we were about to agree upon, found Durga the Hutt’s suite, and offered my services to him.
The Days Ahead

For the first time in a while, we have no one running a Star Wars game.  Eventually I would like to get back to the setting, but a bit of a break does seem to be in order.
We have another Iron Kingdoms game starting up, with our group being a cell of the Llaelese Resistance.  I’ll be playing an Alchemist/Aristocrat who is duke that has been working as a doctor before the invasion.  Apparently much of the party hates the former aristocracy, so this could make for some interesting role playing.

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