Easing Back Into the Chair on the Other Side of the Screen

So, fairly quickly, I went from playing in two games to playing in a new campaign and running another game.  We’ll see how good I job I did attempting to get a campaign up and running in under a week, as this Thursday I start running a Dark Heresy 2nd Edition game at a friend’s house.

This will be a little different than my most recent GMing, as this will be at a private residence, and a relatively small group  (3, maybe 4 players).  I am interested to see how this works out, versus the larger groups in a public venue, and I’m hoping this will be a nice transition back into GMing after last year got a bit crazy on the real life side of things.

I’m probably getting way ahead of myself, but because I’m at a private residence, I’m considering crazy things like background music and the like.  I’ll have to poll the players and see where this goes, but I’m looking forward to it.


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