Kickstarter Remorse

I am starting to have some serious misgivings about a project that I Kickstarted.  I am almost certain that I didn’t misread what the game was suppose to be about, and there was even a game mentioned as a “kind of like this,” which gave me a firm mental picture.  Even seeing the creators associated with the project didn’t really give me any kind of concern.×10000/i-JK7pd7k-1050×10000.jpg

Then I started getting updates and hearing news online.  One of the updates really makes me think that this is the kind of game that I’m not going to be running.

I feel bad, because from the general theme and the discussion of the game mechanics, I was really, really interested.  I’m trying to figure out where I misinterpreted just what direction this project was moving.

I don’t blame the developer. Most of the people who have backed it, from what I have seen on comments, seem really happy about how the game is progressing.  In general, some of the elements aren’t something I’m dead set against, but I’m kind of surprised at how prominent they are.

I know others have run into this situation before, but this is the first Kickstarted that I’ve backed that really makes me wonder if I should hold off on these and wait to see how the game actually develops, other than trusting the elevator pitch and the list of designers attached to the project.

I’m not planning on mentioning the Kickstarter in question, because, as I’ve said, most of the people that I’ve seen discussing the game don’t seem to have been surprised at all over the direction the game is going.  I feel as if the fault is in me, but if I can make this kind of mistake about how a game is pitched versus how it develops, I may need to get out of the crowdfunding side of things.

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