Really Sad Gen Con Weekend

Sure, it could be a sad Gen Con weekend just because I’m not there, but that’s totally not the issue.

I have removed more people from my circles that I actually like this weekend than I have ever done in one fell swoop.

No matter how much I may like them, and enjoy their comments, I just can’t deal with endless permutations of “this guy is the biggest poopy head in the RPG industry.”

I get venting once in a while, but when it goes past a certain point, it really starts to look like either trying to set up an echo chamber for yourself, or trying to get the peasants to rally around your speech to gather up the pitchforks and torches.

Not to mention in all of the poo flinging, people that aren’t even participating start to get hit with poo by association.

There are people I don’t particularly like in the industry.  There are people I like but don’t always agree with.  There are people that are friends with people I don’t particularly like or agree with, and yet I like them.

If you have a point, make your point and then let it stand.

If you have a beef with an individual, hey, most forms of social media allow you to communicate directly with said person.

Grab your dice or your cards or you counters or whatever.  Play a game.  If you can’t play a game, tell a story about a game that was awesome.  It’s so disappointing when you spend a long time  following entertaining posts that make you excited about your hobby, and then the people that had you excited about the hobby get you to the point to where you seriously consider completely leaving social media related to your hobby so that you don’t get start to develop a vile twitch every time you think of how other gamers treat one another.

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