Down to Earth, Again (Mutants and Masterminds, 8-12-15)

Tonight I got to play Velaurial, my chronicler angel that may have accidentally gotten involved in Earthly affairs and may be just a slight be worried about going back home and facing his supervisors.

You see, the way the job is suppose to work, Velaurial is suppose to be watching super heroes, chronicling what is going on around them, and report any infernal or godly intervention in their natural path.

In other words, if it doesn’t involve demons, devils, or deities, the Heavenly Prime Directive is in place.  Except Velaurial was so fascinated by the events around the Silver Storm and the heroes and villains arising in Emerald City, he may have accidentally introduced himself to his subjects, and may have gotten involved in their affairs.

Spoilers for the Emerald City Knights Adventure Path  

I couldn’t be there last session, so Velaurial was busy borrowing Strobe’s credit card so he could buy an earthly tablet to record his reports on, as well as some Earth clothes to help me be a bit less conspicuous.  Upon returning from the suburbs, Velaurial found out that his allies, Metalhead, Strobe, and Miss Fit, had picked up a quirky martial artist, Wildstyle, as well as finding out that there had been an intentional prison break of many of the Stormer super villains the team had helped apprehend so far, and the team’s patron was kidnapped to boot.

Velaurial anxiously lept into action to help watch and totally not participate in the rescue of the team’s patron CEO, following the bad guys to a fish packing plant on the east side of town, which turned out not to be a fish packing plant, and to have a tunnel leading to the sewers, and an old super villain lair under the city.

Under the streets, the team encountered the Big Brain, a floating brain in charge of the villain team FOE, who was lamenting the stormers ruining the racket that FOE had going in Emerald City, using the town as a place for super villains from elsewhere in the country to lie low and spend their ill gotten gains.

The Big Brain was accompanied by Deathtrap, Chronos the Master of Time, Kid Karma, and Killshot.  Given the number of foes with Kill or Death in their name as well as the number of villains who had “lots of guns” as a power, the team quickly surmised that Chronos the Master of Time  (one singular name, of course) must have transplanted them back in the 90s.

Because of Kid Karma, Miss Fit tripped over several chairs and began to assume that he had some power over office furniture.  Metalhead got to test his new subsonic frequency that slowly knocked his opponents out with a sound they couldn’t hear, but was just strong enough to make their ears bleed.  Stobe was sidelined by Chronos the Master of Time early on, went invisible, and then rejoined the fight after she had shaken off the temporal jet lag she suffered.

Me?  I wailed on the giant brain, until Killshot was blinded and almost accidentally hit Max with a sword, at which point I used my wings to push her away from our CEO friend.  Everyone but Killshot and Big Brain went down, Big Brain teleported away, and Killshot surrendered.

We set up Wildstyle to actually draw a paycheck from Max, got new communicators, and Strobe went to school, Wildstyle checked on his sister  (who is still in the dark about his real job), and I went to the hospital, gave my angelic mantle to a little girl waiting for a heart transplant so she would have an easier time surviving the procedure, and was really, really hungry when I suddenly was (temporarily) mortal.

I also may have talked Max into paying her hospital bills and setting her up a college fund since we saved his life earlier.

Back at headquarters, we talked about whether we needed, or could, track down what remained of FOE, Miss Fit called the Freedom League to warn them that Big Brain might be looking to break more villains out of jail to serve as members of FOE, and Wildstyle and Velaurial got nominated to set up patrol schedules and monitor duty schedules.

Thankfully, before things got too boring, we got word that a train was being attacked by robot dinosaurs.  Lots of smashing of robodactyls and roboraptors later, and Strobe found that an AEGIS crate had been looted before we arrived.  Calling our local AEGIS agents, we found out that there were agents, now missing, on the train, and that there was a computer component on board that AEGIS was hoping to decrypt.

When asked if AEGIS knew of anyone that might use robot dinosaurs to attack a train to steal something high tech, we found out that we may be facing . . . Cerebrus Rex!

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