The Secret Rebirth Blog Wars–The New History of the Blog

Last year I spent a lot of time playing games. I think that’s a good thing for someone that runs games. Perspective is a great tool. But as I was finishing school, the blog delved into the realms of oblivion. 

I feel really bad about that. I let down all five people that read every third post that I make, which means I’m probably down to one reader that reads every tenth post. It’s time to fix that!

Now, I could fix that writing fascinating blog posts, promoting them well, and creating a fan base that wants to read my informative and entertaining posts. But . . . there is another way.

You see, there is a thing that happens in some realities. The laws of the universe fall apart. Almost everything winks out of existence. But then something happens. It doesn’t matter what. Reality wants to exist, so whatever is left of reality comes up with a cosmological excuse.

What happens next is the cosmic event known as the reboot. I’m pretty sure Stephen Hawkings has written about the cosmological ramifications of the reboot in his best selling book How the Universe Just Makes Things Up Whenever Stuff Goes Wrong.

After a reboot happens, 50-99% of everything stays the same. Slightly less if the reboot has anything to do with Fox Studios. In the misty past, it was traditional to actually study and explain what had changed soon after the reboot happened, but in these modern times, we realize the reboots are fuzzy and malleable for years after they happen, so there is no point in actually trying to explain anything.

Did all of that seem really complicated? Well, that’s part of the reboot process. Despite saying that you just want to start over, your explanation for starting over has to be at least as complicated as anything you are trying to fix that happened previously.

Also, I created a shadow blog that I haven’t actually used yet, which is also designed to talk about gaming and geeky stuff. Why would I do that? Why would I tell you that? Because it has also become customary to sow the seeds of another reboot, just in case, right at the beginning of the current reboot. The Multiverse likes to leave its options open. Its quantum physics or something.

I say all of that to explain that this blog has many, many followers, all of whom are very satisfied with the content, and are anxiously waiting for new posts. I can’t really tell you what the recent posts have been, because we don’t want to box ourselves in quite yet, but those other entries have been awesome. We can all agree on that.

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