What Do I Know About Actual Play? The Floodgates Open!

If you happened to read my gaming wishes for 2017 post, you may have noticed that I mentioned wanting to get back to running some games on air, posted to YouTube. Well, I can cross that off the list, because I’m back in the swing of YouTube actual plays, at least for the time being.

The fist game I’m running is Shadow of the Demon Lord, with the intent to make it through 11 sessions and play a full campaign. I’ve enjoyed the game products too much to have only run 0 level games once at a convention, so that became the inaugural game system for this new round of games.

+Ryan Porter and +Steven Scaggs are two of my players, both gamers I have played with for years at this point. Additionally, +Mike Myler+Dungeon Musings, and +Jason Hobbs are joining us in this campaign. I really enjoy the mix of familiar gaming friends and new faces, and I  had a lot of fun with the first session.

You can find +Mike Myler‘s work here, and you can see +Dungeon Musings‘ own actual play videos on this channel.  Finally, you can find +Jason Hobbs‘ excellent podcast, Hobbs and Friends of the OSR right here.

If you would care to see our first session of the campaign, you can view it right here:

Additionally, I posted some thoughts on the game after running it in a subsequent video found here:

If you have any comments or questions, I’d be happy to hear them, either here, on the blog, or in the comments of the videos, or even on Google+ or my brand new page on Facebook here.

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