RPG A Day 2017–Day Three

We’re up to day three of this RPGaDay thing, and our question for today is the following–

How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

Well, it’s not from comic book print ads like I used to see in my youth. Have I mentioned I’m old? The first mention I even saw of the Forgotten Realms was an ad on the back of a Marvel comic. Seriously.

Anyway, I monitor a lot of RPG sites, and have a lot of RPG folks in my feed on Google+. From there, I’ll see mentions of Kickstarters or beta rules. From time to time I’ll see something that looks interesting on RPGNow and I’ll do some Googling.

The key thing here is that I’m actively searching for new things. There isn’t one or two good sources. With a lot of really exciting, quality games coming from smaller publishers, having some trusted sources is great, but no one trusted source is going to provide a big picture.

I can’t plug any one source for all of my new gaming news, but I can say that the Lounge episodes of Misdirected Mark have sold me on multiple games that I may have missed otherwise. Chris Sniezak is a pretty good interviewer when it comes to drilling down to what makes a game unique. Honorable mention going to James Intracoso on Tabletop Babble for doing the “interview that makes me spend money” a few times as well.

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