RPG A Day 2017–Day Four

Day four of RPGaDay is upon us, and today’s question is–

What RPG Have You Played the Most Since August 2016?

This one is very easy to answer. I’ve run over 30 sessions of 2-3 hour long games of 5th edition D&D, and between those 30 sessions, I’ve popped in and played multiple 4 hour sessions of Adventurers League games at the FLGS.

D&D is the 800 lbs gorilla in the room when it comes to RPGs, so it’s probably not an amazing revelation when someone says they have played it more than any other game in the last year. That said, a few things to keep in mind, at least from my perspective.

  • I once said I was totally uninterested in going back to D&D–on this blog in fact
  • I know there have been years in the recent past where DC Adventures, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, or Marvel Heroic Roleplaying would have easily won this for me

From my perspective, as someone that WOTC “lost” as a D&D consumer and regular player, the best thing they did in this release cycle for 5th edition was to publish the basic rules for free. Those free rules piqued my curiosity, and let me see a really wide section of how the game would look at the table. It got me to run a game for friends and see that I liked it, and that it reminded me of why I enjoyed the game in the past.

I enjoy a wide range of games, and I never want to fall back into the darkest days of my 3.5 gaming, where I only ever wanted to entertain d20 level based games. But it’s hard not to fall back into a comfortable pattern with what feels like an old friend. 

One comment

  • It's definitely FFG Star Wars for me, with Pirates Savage Worlds pulling a close second. Even though I'm a big fan of Crafty Games and the crunch behind their systems, the faster, lighter systems accommodate my crazy life right now with making games much more accessible.


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