RPG A Day 2017–Day Six

Time to check in with the RPG A Day question of the day. We’re up to number six, and today’s question is:

You Can Game Every Day For A Week. Describe What You Would Do!

First off, I’d be remiss in pointing out that isn’t actually a question. That’s an imperative statement. Thankfully, it is imperative that I keep gaming.

This is such a wide open theoretical construct. Is this “I can game every day for a week, with people that I choose,” or is it “I can game every day for a week, but random, cruel chance will deliver you players from the void at random intervals?” In the interest of me not being a pain or belaboring a point, I’m just going to assume generic people that will be available for the game systems I want to play.

Personally, when given time to plan, I love to have an organized theme. So I’d probably have a D&D Day, a Powered by the Apocalypse Day, A Games I’ve Never Gotten to the Table Day, A Star Wars RPG Day, A Marvel RPG Day, A DC RPG Day, and a Fate day. Probably.

I would narrow most of these days down to three segments of 4 hour games each or so, with smaller breaks between them. If I do a different game that fits the same theme, I’d probably change it up with the middle game as a palette cleanser.

  • So, for D&D Day, I might play 5th edition morning and evening, and play DCC (I know, it deserves its own day) for the middle session.
  • It would be tricky to come up with the three games for PbtA day, but they only gave me a week!
  • Games I’ve Never Gotten to the Table Day I wouldn’t want to pin down now, because the “top three” are always shifting around in my head, and I might sneak a one shot in here or there
  • Star Wars Day would probably shift from Edge of the Empire, to Age of Rebellion, to Force and Destiny
  • Marvel RPG Day would probably be Marvel Heroic in the morning and evening, with a throwback session of Marvel Super Heroes in the middle
  • DC RPG Day is tricky, because I didn’t play Mayfair’s DC game nearly as much as I did Marvel Super Heroes, so I don’t have the same nostalgic impetus to go back to it–I may just stick with DC Adventures all day, and if we need a palette cleanser in the middle, we might take a break to watch an animated block.
  • Fate Day would definitely include Dresden Accelerated and the Secret of Cats–I may need to work some kind of sci-fi property in the middle just to balance things out 

So you, the hypothetical blog reader, having lived in my head and come to love me dearly, may already know of my obsessive desire for symmetry. Knowing this love of symmetry, you may ask how I didn’t include Star Trek along with Star Wars.

Even though I played in one playtest session, that still feels like a Game I’ve Never Gotten to the Table at this point. So for now, it doesn’t get a seat at the table. Or a table with seats. However that analogy works for this scenario.

One comment

  • I think a really fun progressive game would involve everyone grabbing their favorite brand of weird from World of Darkness and using Dark Eras to have them hopping through the different eras in pursuit of a time mage wreaking all kinds of havoc (or trying to stop them from wreaking havoc if your players are anything like mine)


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