RPG a Day 2017–Day Eight

Moving into week two of the RPG A Day questions, our first question is the following:

What Is A Good RPG to Play for Sessions of Two Hours or Less?

This one takes a little bit of thought. I have several games that I have played in recent year where I could run a satisfying session in only two hours. In fact, I’m a little shocked that I have run several 2 hour long D&D sessions in the last year, and it actually felt like we accomplished something significant.

But I’m not sure I would recommend D&D over anything else for a two hour session.

Lots of Powered by the Apocalypse games can come in at two hours time, but depending on the game, you may want to go longer than that. For example, trying to feel like we completed a full “episode” of Monster of the Week or a fully movie in Action Movie World, my group definitely felt like it could  use at least three hours or so of time to resolve everything going on.

But, if I was going to recommend a Powered by the Apocalypse game that could be pared down to two hours and have a solid resolution, I think I’d have to go with World Wide Wrestling RPG.

Yes, you can play three to four hour sessions and simulate a full, multi-hour wrestling program on television or a pay per view. But you can also have a very satisfying session with two players and their wrestlers cutting promos, playing to the crowd, and resolving their match.

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