RPG a Day 2017–Day Nine

Here we are at day nine of the RPG a Day series of questions for 2017. Today’s question is as follows:

What is a Good RPG to Play For About 10 Sessions?

Oh, this is an easy one for me to answer–I would definitely answer Shadow of the Demon Lord. I’ve done it!

The game is actually designed to be played for 11 adventures, with characters advancing in level after each adventure. While some adventures might take more than one session, you can definitely run an entire campaign in 11 sessions.

While I haven’t done it myself, I’ll also give an honorable mention to 13th Age, as the game master’s session has advice on running a 10 session campaign, with characters advancing after each session of play.

In general, I have been playing other games in a “season” based format, where I try to wrap up a major storyline and find a good stopping point after 12 sessions. I’ve done this with Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny, for example. But when a level based game has guidelines for how to make it to 10th level, one session at a time, there is a nice affirmation that you’ve reached the end of not only the campaign, but the game advancement rules for the character.

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