RPG a Day 2017–Day Ten

We’ve hit double digits in the RPG a Day set of questions, so let’s look at day ten’s question:

Where Do You Go For RPG Reviews?

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that my thought process on reviews is that it’s more important to see a reviewer’s reasoning than it is to see their ratings or recommendations. You can find out some fascinating things by crawling into another person’s head. You find out where you agree, where you disagree, and what is ultimately important to you–if you pay attention.

When I poke around the interest to read up on opinion, there are a number of places that I go. Often times it’s not one site or outlet so much as it is a handful of people that I know, whose opinions I value on a given topic.

There are a lot of people on the internet that fit this description for me, but today I think I’ll highlight just a couple.

When it comes to D&D opinion, I really enjoy reading Brandes Stoddard’s articles on Tribality. I can count on his articles to be entertaining and filled with reasons for his opinions, backed up by some convincing arguments.

I also really enjoy watching the Dungeon Musings channel that my gaming buddy Kevin Madison has, particularly videos discussing games that he has recently run. While I would love to get every single game that I review to the table, that’s isn’t always a realistic goal. That makes hearing his opinions on games that he has actually run all the more interesting to me.

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