RPG A Day 2017–Day Eleven

One and one makes eleven. Well, I mean, it can. Not when you add them. That would be two. But you knew that. Regardless, it’s day eleven of the RPG a Day challenge, and our question today is:

Which “Dead Game” Would You Like to See Reborn?

We live in an era where dead games don’t stay dead for very long, and where, if you can’t find the game in print, you might be able to find a retro-clone that is fairly close to that game.

For the purpose of this question, I’m going to assume that the “reborn” game is official, meaning that not only is there a game similar to the original game available, but any IP associated with that game is brought back to life as well.

If I add all of that together, I think I’m going to lean heavily towards Star Frontiers. In my early gaming career, Star Frontiers came in third place, behind D&D and Marvel Super Heroes. But it was a really close third.

Additionally, Star Frontiers is one of the few games I managed to run for my older sister (she from whom I stole my D&D Basic set back in the day).

I liked a lot of the setting elements and new equipment that showed up in the Zebulon’s Guide to Frontier Space, but the new resolution system introduced seemed to kill interest in the game with my limited group of gamers in my youth.

I know there is a new retro-clone on the way for a Star Frontier’s experience, but I’d love to have an official way to run a group of Pan Gal troubleshooters on a mission to undermine the Sathar.

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