RPG A Day 2017–Day Fifteen

Almost at the halfway point for RPG A Day. Today’s question is:

Which RPG Do You Enjoy Adapting the Most?

Time to engage the wet blanket mode!

I don’t. I mean, I’ve posted a lot of things on this blog adding in house rules or tweaking things, but if the question means something like “I like using 5th edition D&D to run a Japanese tea ceremony based diplomatic game” or something of that nature, I don’t really want to do that. I like playing too many different games to do that.

More robust rules systems usually have room to tinker. I’ve definitely worked with ways to make movement more about narrative position than tactical, for example. But that’s still trying to use similar technology while staying as true to the original concept of the rules as I can.

I’ll be honest–I’m more likely to use things like the Fate Toolkit to modify an existing setting than I am to try and come up with a setting from scratch, even collaboratively. I just like having a strong concept in place before I start to tinker with it.

So I don’t really enjoy adapting RPGs. Sorry about that.

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