RPG A Day 2017–Day Eighteen

It’s Friday. It’s time to get ready for the weekend. And what better way to get ready for the weekend than to talk about RPGs?

Today’s question:

Which RPG Have You Played The Most In Your Life?

I am so boring and obvious.

Even if you broke this down by editions, I’m pretty sure D&D would win. Even if I didn’t count my high school era gaming, I’m pretty sure this would win. The only really challenging thing would be if I tried to break down what edition I  played the most.

That would probably depend on if you lump Pathfinder into 3rd edition D&D, and if you count 3rd edition as one edition, or separate out 3.5.

If Pathfinder doesn’t count, 2nd edition would probably win.

In my high school years, Marvel Super Heroes was a close second, even though reading through it recently made me realize that I just mentally shoved a few fairly important rules off to the side for years.

And to think, I was so sure I was done with D&D. Ah well. At least I have some variety in my gaming diet beyond only playing D&D.

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