RPG A Day 2017–Day Twenty

Well. It’s day twenty. I applaud anyone for coming up with 31 questions that don’t look like the exact same 31 questions from the previous years. I respect that quite a bit. So, disclaimer in place, let’s get to the answering.

What Is The Best Source For Out-Of-Print RPGs?

A few days back Brandes Stoddard made a comment about one of these questions feeling more like market research than an actual discussion question. That is exactly what this question feels like to me. As I said, I appreciate the effort it takes to make this list, but for some reason, this question really bugs me.

I’m not even saying it’s a bad topic in some other context. It just feels really weird, when the rest of the questions circle around “what’s you play experience,” “what do you wish your play experience to be,” “what games might you have in common with others,” “what new games should people look at that they may not have seen yet,” and then you get–“Hey, where should people shop?”

It’s like getting into a discussion on dice probability in a given game system, and then having someone interject that the color of the dice is important, or discussing inspirational movies to watch for a genre, and having someone mention that they always drink Mountain Dew at the table.

So, I give my utmost respect to people trying to come up with 31 relatively new questions every August. That is awesome, and I love the conversation that these questions generate. Its just every once in a while, the conversation they generate in my mind is about the direction the questions have been going, and if they all fit into the same sphere of discussion.

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