RPG A Day 2017–Day Twenty-eight

Day twenty-eight. If this were February, this would be the end of the month. Except once every four years. But still, really close. I wonder if Gen Con is in February in an alternate dimension, and if so, if this series of questions is also in that dimension, and also in February.

Have you ever noticed the more times you type the word February, the less it looks like you are spelling it correctly?

Where was I?

What Film Series is the Biggest Source of Quotes in Your Group?

Well, I have multiple groups. And it tends to vary. It’s not uncommon for us to go off on a quote spree, but it is often set off by the specific game (or sometimes adventure) that we are playing. Star Wars, the Princess Bride, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are obvious ones over time, but lots of situational moments with other movies happen, and I can’t possibly chart which ones happen most often.

I would have to say my group has a plethora of movie series quotes.

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