RPG A Day 2017–Day thirty

Day thirty. We’re almost at the end.

What is an RPG Genre-Mash Up You Would Most Like to See

It is very hard to come up with genres that have not been mashed up in RPGs previously. Pick a genre. Pick another genre. There is probably a game at the intersection of those genres.

Steam-punk Mechwarrior? Modern day magic spies? Monster hunting spies? Old west/fantasy creatures? Muppets that fight each other in an ongoing war?

I’m defaulting to something I would love to do sometime if I ever find the time and talent to come up with a way to create it. I want to make a game about being a reporter in a world where there are super-hero rock stars, giant alien robots, high tech anti-terrorist teams, and monsters that live deep underground that invade the surface world.

I want the Hector Ramirez RPG.

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