RPG a Day 2017–Day Thirty-one

Thirty-one days, finally complete. I’ll be writing a kind of overview of this whole thing later on, when I have a chance to rest up a bit. It’s kind of daunting coming up with something to say on every question for a month.

It’s not just that not every question is exactly the kind of question that I would want to answer when talking about RPGs. It’s knowing that I was holding myself to answer every single day, on time, for the whole month. And it looks like I managed to do it. I’m giving myself XP.

Anyway, let’s look at the final question for the month.

What Do You Anticipate Most for Gaming in 2018?

I can’t point to any one game or product. Sometimes I don’t know about some of the most exciting products until a few months before they come out, and other times, the people putting out that game don’t know if they are going to hit their target dates.

So rather than products, what I’m looking forward to the most for gaming in 2018 is the potential to hit some conventions.

In recent years I have only been able to go to my local convention, Winter War, in January in Champaign, Illinois. Its a good local convention that has its quirks, but its been the extent of my convention attendance.

I’m hoping to potentially hit Gamehole Con, and maybe Hero Con next year, and I really hope to run into some of the people that I have interacted with online, so that I can game with and/or talk to them in person.

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