Future Review Standards

In the past, I have mentioned that I need to have some kind of standard to keep in mind when I’m doing my reviews, but I’ve also mentioned that I’m not interested in measuring the overall worth of an RPG product as a creative endeavor, just giving recommendations and observations. Unfortunately, the star system I was using always felt more like later rather than the former.

After some thought, I came up with this new system. It roughly correlates to the stars I was previously used, but I think it puts the actual review more in line with what I’m trying to bring across with my observations and opinions.

Not Recommended–There isn’t much in this product that convinces me to tell others to pick it up.

Tenuous Recommendation–The product has positive aspects, but buyers may want to make sure the positive aspects align with their tastes before moving this up their list of what to purchase next.
Qualified Recommendation–A product with lots of positive aspects, but buyers may want to understand the context of the product and what it contains before moving it ahead of other purchases.
Recommended–If the product fits in your broad area of gaming interests, you are likely to be happy with this purchase.
Strongly Recommended–This product is exceptional, and may contain content that would interest you even if the game or genre covered is outside of your normal interests. 
As with one star reviews previously, I’m not expecting to do too many reviews that end up with a “not recommended” rating. I’m hoping that by doing my due diligence, I’m not going to spend too much time on a product that I wouldn’t recommend at all.
As with the five star rating, I’m going to reserve the “strongly recommended” rating for for those products that really don’t come along very often, and that I feel have broad appeal, even beyond what may seem to be the target audience of the product.

Hopefully, this will make what I’m trying to communicate a bit more clear.

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