ENnie Review Roundup, 2018 Edition

You may have heard that the ENnie nominations were announced last week. I encourage anyone that wants to be better informed about the games they may be voting for to make an informed decision. That said, if you want to be at least partially informed by some of my reviews, well, I’ve thrown together some of the reviews both from my blog, and from my reviews at Gnome Stew (which, by the way, is also nominated for an ENnie for the Best Blog category).
Below is a list of reviews that I have done over the past year for various ENnie nominated RPG products, along with what category that nomination is from.

Predation (Best Setting)
Predation Review

Blades in the Dark (Best Game)

Blades in the Dark Review

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse (Best Family Product)

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse Review

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Starter Kit (Best Production Values)

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Starter Kit Review

Star Trek Adventures (Best Rules)
Star Trek Adventures Review

High Plains Samurai Legends (Best Free Game)
High Plains Samurai Legends Review

Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (Best Art, Cover)
Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Review

In addition to my own reviews, a few of my fellow gnomes have done some reviews of other products which are also ENnie nominated as well.

Harlem Unbound (Best Art, Cover; Best Rules; Best Setting; Best Writing; Product of the Year)
Harlem Unbound Review by John Arcadian

Faith RPG (Judges’ Spotlight Winner)
Faith RPG Review by J.T. Evans

Uh-Oh, Monsters (Best Monster/Adversary)

Uh-Oh, Monsters Review by Senda Linaugh

There are way more products that have been nominated than I could cover in the past year, and even adding in the work of my fellow gnomes, there is a lot of uncovered territory. Still, I hope if you want to do a deeper dive into a few of these products and want to gain a wider perspective on them, these articles will be of use to you.

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