Gaming Wishes 2018–How Did I Do?

Last year I did pretty well following up on the RPG wishes/resolutions I had for RPGs. My wishes for 2018 didn’t fare quite as well.

I’m not sure I have the same desire to micromanage exactly what I did and didn’t accomplish from last years, other than to do a quick check-in.

Essentially, I’m giving myself partial credit for getting to play games that I wanted to run, and for doing activities related to what I had wanted to accomplish last year.

  • Wrap up ongoing campaigns (3 of them)(1/3)
  • Play RPGs outside (0/1)
  • Play an RPG online again (1/1)
  • Run Call of Cthulhu (.5/1)
  • Play Shadowrun Anarchy (1/1)
  • Play or Run Blades in the Dark (1/1)
  • Run a Game in the Midgard Setting (1/1)
  • Run Dungeon Crawl Classics again (.5/1)
  • Run a PBTA game beyond my usual convention games that I had scheduled (1/1)
  • Play a Western-themed game (0/1)
  • Play a Gumshoe game (0/1)
  • Go to Gary Con and Gamehole Con (1/1)
Life has conspired against having a regular gaming schedule for the last few months. I’ve been to conventions and played in one-shots every month this year, but I haven’t had a regular gaming group for the last couple of months. That changed the dynamic on a few of these goals.

I was probably too lenient, but a few of the games I wanted to run, I gave myself partial credit for if I was able to play in a few games of them. I picked up an additional convention this year, so I managed to play DCC at two conventions and CoC at one.

Figuring in the above, I managed to hit about 61% of my gaming goals this year. Not as good as I would have hoped. Better than I thought I was going to do at one point in the year. Now I have to do the difficult work of trying to figure out what gaming is going to look like next year, and how to “wish” accordingly.

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