Dual Gnome Action This Week

This week has be super busy at work, and I’m neck deep in fairly involved reviews for both the Stew and for this blog in the coming weeks.

If you happen to be in the mood, and oddly follow me here but not on the Stew, I’ve got two separate things going on at Gnome Stew this week.

First, I’ve got a review up for Shadow of the Century, a Fate Core setting for over the top, gonzo 80s action movies (think of a setting where Buckeroo Banzai and Big Trouble in Little China could both happen, and you’re off to a good start).

Shadow of the Century Review at Gnome Stew

In addition to my review this week, I’m also on this week’s Gnomecast, talking with Ang and Camdon about initiative and managing turns in games.

Gnomecast #59–Roll of Initiative

Hopefully I’ll have more content up here on the blog soon, once everything levels out, and nothing is frozen solid, and . . .

You get the idea. Oh, one more bit of gnome gnews:

I won’t be on the stream this time around, but I’m pretty excited about this.

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