What Do I Know About Impending Games? Upcoming and Ongoing Crowdfunding

I’ve had a few creators reach out to me recently with their projects that will be crowdfunding soon, and once I remember to wrestle perfectly good emails from the jaws of my spam folder, I’m finally brining these to you. I’ll try to note when they hit crowdfunding, and/or if they are already doing so.

Let’s get to it!


Justicar is an upcoming game about dramatic courtroom drama. I have at least two very memorable sequences of trials in games that I have run, so I’m really interested to see how this turn out. Plus, who doesn’t love a good courtroom drama (or comedy, depending on how often you’ve watched Legally Blonde).

Justicar doesn’t have a traditional game facilitator role, but there are four roles that players take in the game:

  • The Judge
  • The Stand
  • The Prosecution
  • The Defense

Essentially, each of the roles can introduce elements into the ongoing story, and other roles can modify or challenge those elements, until a single narrative of the trial comes about.

Not only does this sound like a fun concept, it also sounds like a game that could be used to adjudicate a specific element of a story in an ongoing campaign/series with a separate set of rules, as the genre shifts. I’ll be interested to see how easy it is to drift this from a standard criminal trial, to say, a court martial in a sci fi setting, or a hearing in a fantasy setting.

You can find the press kit here.

You can sigh up for notification of when it goes live here.

3ee9a402-da5d-4e60-a3b9-3ae477ebb80e13 Hunters

This project is already live on Gamefound. At the time of this writing, you’ve got a little less than 20 days to back this. This particular project is a system agnostic description of different bounty hunters and assassins that can be added to science-fiction and fantasy games.

From the description of the product, it looks like not only will there be full color artwork and details on who these hunters are and how they operate, there will also be general rankings for what their attributes might be to guide giving them stats in various games. The project is featuring PDFs and physical copies.

Not only does this put me in mind of the obvious (hm, what giant media property recently had a bounty hunter adjacent series), but this seems like it might be a good resource for games like Starforged, to flesh out NPC descriptions.

I’m interested to see where this one goes, in part because I loved the Bounty Hunter storyline in The Old Republic MMO. I’m always looking for a hunter that steals my heart the way the Defenestrator did.

Another reason I’m interested to track this project is that it is using a different platform than most games, and having alternatives to the Big K is appreciated. The link to Gamefound is here.

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