Who I Am, Where I Am

I’m Jared Rascher. I’ve been playing roleplaying games since 1985, and my earliest memory is watching Godzilla when my family first moved into a new home when I was about three years old.

Everything on the blog is written without any assumption of mastery or authority. I’m just someone that gets a head full of thoughts, and has to write them somewhere.

I’m lucky enough to write for Gnome Stew, one of the best roleplaying game sites on the internet.

I hope to have the chance to talk with you soon!


Where to Find Me

Twitter: @WhatDoIKnowJR

Facebook: What Do I Know?

Gnome Stew: Jared Rascher at Gnome Stew

The Gnomecast: The Gnomecast Podcast Archives

YouTube: Jared Rascher on YouTube

Current Actual Play Series: Streets of Avalon, The Bleak Testament (Dungeons and Dragons 5e)

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