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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Unearthed Arcana 2020, Subclasses Part 5 (D&D 5e)

We’ve had a little bit of a break from Unearthed Arcana releases, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the “final” version of lots of the material that I’ve reviewed over the last year when Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything releases next month. But, even before we get that book, we’ve got another Unearthed Arcana to look at today. Unearthed Arcana 2020, Subclasses

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Elminster’s Candlekeep Compendium (Dungeon Masters Guild)

Anyone that has followed me for a while knows that certain aspects of the Forgotten Realms setting inspire a deep, nostalgic love within me. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Candlekeep is definitely one of those elements of the setting that remains dear to me. I love the concept of this wild mish mash of knowledge from all over

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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Way of the Cobalt Soul and Oath of the Open Sea (Critical RoLe/D&D Beyond)

Recently two subclasses appeared on D&D Beyond, The Way of the Cobalt Soul for the Monk, and the Oath of the Open Sea for the Paladin. Both subclasses are connected to Critical Role, based on mechanics that Matthew Mercer has been tinkering with in the campaign, with two of his players. Unlike the Bloodhunter, an entire class which debuted in

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Night Reign

Who knew when I started doing reviews that I would be able to create a subset of reviews for games inspired by Dishonored. Including Dishonored. What’s interesting is looking at what elements of the game generate what kind of design space. Modiphius’ Dishonored is more about generally recreating the experience, without narrowing in on one aspect of the game’s themes.

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Empire of the Ghouls (5e OGL)

I’ve been a fan of Kobold Press’ setting of Midgard for a while now. Part of what makes me appreciate the setting is that it manages to walk the line between feeling just right for level-based fantasy RPGs and pushing into territory that many of the currently published settings don’t touch. There is just enough difference to make that difference

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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Scarred lands Creature Collections (5e OGL)

I have many weaknesses when it comes to RPG products, but one thing you will never hear me say is “there are too many monster books.” I love collections of various creatures from which I can draw inspiration. No, I don’t think I’ll ever use every single creature in one of these collections, but having access to them just kind

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