Gnome Stew 2020 Roundup

In a normal year, if someone were to summarize everything they worked on in the previous year, they would do it fairly close to the end of the previous year, instead of almost making it to February before that summary appears. Then again, the year we’re talking about is 2020, so I’m not going to

What Do I Know About Opinions? Cyberpunk and Hacking Poll

This time around, I thought we’d explore a nice, uncomplicated topic, like what makes cyberpunk feel like cyberpunk. No possibility for controversy there, right? Specifically, I want to take a look at hacking, netrunning, entering the Matrix, etc. What does a game need to do to feel like cyberpunk, specifically when the hacker is trying

What Do I Know About Opinions? NPC Party member Answers

This took me a little longer to write, not because it is a particularly difficult topic, but because, well, it turns out I get a little unfocused when people schedule both a pandemic and a coup at the same time. Since we have a little bit of breathing space between national/global emergencies, this seems like

What Do I Know About Opinions? Edition Wars Answers

Last Sunday I posted my most recent “What Do I Know About Opinions” poll, this time asking about new editions of role playing games. Specifically, I asked “Under what conditions do you consider it worth your time to pick up a new edition of a game?” I limited the responses to one answer per participant,


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