What Do I Know About Reviews? Night Reign

Who knew when I started doing reviews that I would be able to create a subset of reviews for games inspired by Dishonored. Including Dishonored. What’s interesting is looking at what elements of the game generate what kind of design space. Modiphius’ Dishonored is more about generally recreating the experience, without narrowing in on one aspect of the game’s themes.

What Do I Know About Reviews? Empire of the Ghouls (5e OGL)

I’ve been a fan of Kobold Press’ setting of Midgard for a while now. Part of what makes me appreciate the setting is that it manages to walk the line between feeling just right for level-based fantasy RPGs and pushing into territory that many of the currently published settings don’t touch. There is just enough difference to make that difference

What Do I Know About Reviews? Deep Magic (5e OGL)

I have mentioned before that monster books are hard to review, because the rules are hard to evaluate before they are used, and stat block after stat block can numb the gamer brain and make it easy to miss cogent details. Everything that was true of monster books is also true of a book whose contents are primarily new spells.

Lessons Learned: Tales of the Old Margreve Campaign

This has taken me a while, but I finally wanted to circle back around to writing about my experience running Tales of the Old Margreve, and what I would do if I ever did it again. I touched on some of the points I’m going to touch on when I was posting my session by session posts, but it’s probably

What Do I Know About Reviews? Agon

I have a whole lot of formative media that sunk into my young skull. Among all the other influences, there was a time when tiny me was obsessed with Clash of the Titans. I loved the questing, the monsters, meta-story of the gods discussing Perseus and his adventures. Plus I had to learn more about the Greek pantheon because my

What DO I Know About First Impressions? The Wagadu Chronicles (OGL 5E+)

A few months back, I saw the preview art for the Wagadu setting, an Afrofantasy setting by Twin Drums. The artwork was beautiful and evocative, so I signed up to get notification when the project went live. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention when I signed up, because the project is even more ambitious than I thought it was. Not only


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