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What Do I Know About Reviews? Fantastic Lairs (5e OGL)

Ready to creep into the deepest chamber of the dungeon, where the most dangerous of all denizens is lurking, plotting and sending out their tendrils to degrade the world around it? Have a good idea how to design that deepest chamber? That’s what Fantastic Lairs is attempting to solve for D&D 5e game masters. Fantastic

What Do I Know About Houserules? The Hit Point Slider

This topic has come up a lot, and it’s not new to D&D 5e. Adjusting the number of hit points that an opponent has is one of the “difficulty sliders” that can be utilized in D&D, but the “permission” to do that has shifted a bit over time. For example, earlier editions of D&D strongly

What Do I Know About Reviews? Arcadia Issue #2 (5e OGL)

Once again, James Intracaso was kind enough to share the current issue of Arcadia, the D&D 5e magazine published by Matt Colville’s MCDM, with me. Let this be my disclaimer, I received a review copy, but after the last issue, I’m glad I have the opportunity to see how the magazine develops in the second

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