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What Do I Know About Datafiles? The Destroyer

This is the Destroyer as I used him in last night’s Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Event.  Essentially, it’s a “Greatest Hits” version of the Destroyer, powered by a soul that animates it, and basically wrecking everything in it’s path. As a side note, the Destroyer can, as a technicality, hold Thor’s hammer, since it’s a construct and not alive  (not worthy

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What DO I Know About Datafiles? One of Logan’s Playmates (Omega Red)

I’m not sure why, but I got Omega Red lodged in my brain, so I stared to work up a datafile for him for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.  This is definitely not a minor character “background villain” version of the character, but a rather vicious threat to the heroes. May still tweak a few things, especially if I end up with

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What Do I Know About Datafiles? Chuck’s Big Brother (AKA Juggernaut)

This is the Juggernaut datafile that I threw together the other afternoon on the Margaret Weis Production forums.  I polished it up a bit, and I figured I’d throw this up on the old blog just for the heck of it. Juggernaut  (Cain Marko) Affiliations Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6 Distinctions Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut! Everybody Loves Charles.

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