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What Do I Know About Reviews? Mirt’s Undermountain Survival Guide (Dungeon Masters Guild Product, D&D 5e)

It’s time to dig into another Dungeon Masters Guild product. This is one that I meant to pick up a while ago, so I circled back around to it recently. I will always have a special place in my heart for Undermountain, Mirt, and Durnan, because I ran a pretty extensive 2nd Edition AD&D game that was set in Waterdeep,

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What Do I Know About Reviews? The Princess Project (Dungeon Masters Guild Product, D&D 5e)

Anthology adventure series have become very popular for the Dungeon Masters Guild lately, and I enjoy the trend, as it often means that people will be bending their creative strengths towards a specific theme, often themes that are overlooked or locked into cliché. In addition to looking at fantasy themes with a fresh perspective, another benefit I have seen develop

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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Unearthed Arcana 2020 Psionic Options Revisited (D&D 5e)

  Psionics continue to evolve in Unearthed Arcana. If you haven’t been keeping track, WOTC’s first playtest of psionic material was the Mystic, the dedicated psionic “caster” class. That disappeared for a while, and last year, WOTC introduced several psionic subclasses, flavors of existing classes with psionic themed abilities. Online, many voices cried out that anything psionic must have a

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Legendary Bestiary, Legendary Actions for Low-Level Monsters (Dungeon Masters Guild)

For a while I have been discussing how I would love to see more alternate monsters with slightly different traits for D&D 5e, or more monsters with legendary actions. I have also mentioned how I like the idea of that one really tough, singular beast that lives in the woods, a creature that doesn’t need to be overtly supernatural to

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What Do I Know About Product Lines? Conan, Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of RPG (With an Eye Towards Culture and Representation)

In light of the recent Modiphius Conan release and the reaction to it, I did a LOT of research into the Conan, Adventures in a Time Undreamed Of RPG line. In 2018 I picked up the package where all of the books get added as they are released. I had originally started breaking this down by individual release, but it 

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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Unearthed Arcana 2020 Subclasses Part 3 (D&D 5e)

Even more subclasses, this time with (I’m pretty sure) way less controversy attached to them. Unearthed Arcana 2020 Subclasses 3 This time, we’ve got subclasses for the artificer, druid, and ranger. I think it’s interesting that we’re seeing an artificer subclass come up, because that either implies another Eberron source, or it’s a statement of intent that just because artificer

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