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What Do I Know About Milestones? More Mighty Marvel Milestone Madness

Yeah, I read more comics this week.  And with great comics come great milestones.  Or something like that. This first one is inspired by Web of Spider-Man #129.1 You’re Gonna Get Sued By The Real Avengers 1 XP  When you reluctantly admit you were a member of a pitifully bad super hero team in your past. 3 XP  When you

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What Do I Know About Milestones

Okay, this deserves its own blog post, but somewhere along the way, Marvel really started impressing me with some of their series.  That and the fact that I’m running a Marvel Heroic Event on alternate Thursdays got me to thinking about Milestones based on some of the comics I’m reading right now. I’m not thrilled with how all of these

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