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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Tales of Xadia: Cortex Prime Digital Tools

Some of you may have known me long enough to know about my obsession with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, one of my all time favorite roleplaying games. What you may not know about those ancient, lost days of 2012 is that when you played Marvel Heroic Roleplaying through Google Hangouts, there was a set of tools developed by fans of the

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What Do I Know About Milestones? More Mighty Marvel Milestone Madness

Yeah, I read more comics this week.  And with great comics come great milestones.  Or something like that. This first one is inspired by Web of Spider-Man #129.1 You’re Gonna Get Sued By The Real Avengers 1 XP  When you reluctantly admit you were a member of a pitifully bad super hero team in your past. 3 XP  When you

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