What Do I Know About Reviews? Arcadia (MCDM 5e Third Party Magazine)

I love magazine content to fuel my RPG obsession. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there these days since Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine were shuttered. I subscribed to D&D Insider, so I read many issues of the 4e version of Dragon Magazine, but that content always felt, I don’t know . . . safe? I enjoy Dragon+, but it also

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Encounters with the Dark Powers (Dungeon Masters Guild Product)

There is a category of RPG product that I think has really flourished in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e era. That’s not to say this category didn’t exist previous to 5e. I know, for example, Legendary Games started off by providing supplementary campaign products to Pathfinder adventure paths, but the campaign supplemental product is well represented on the Dungeon Masters

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What Do I Know About Reviews? My Dad’s Monster Manual (Dungeon Masters Guild Product)

The product we’re looking at today has a pretty unique origin. James Introcaso decided to show the illustration of monsters from the D&D 5e Monster Manual to his father, and ask him the following questions: What is this creature’s name? What can this creature do? What is this creature’s story? From those questions, James and Lucian Introcaso and Hannah Rose

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