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An Anti-Icon For 13th Age

+Jefferson Dunlap in the 13th Age community on Google+ mentioned that he wanted to add Lolth to his 13th Age games and was interested in brainstorming how one would do this.  I came up with some ideas.  It doesn’t look like many folks were particularly interested in said ideas.  That said, I tend to like to preserve ideas that pop into

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Thirteen Plus Five

After having a chance to play 13th Age for a while now, and having the chance to run Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition a few times now, I think some house rules have congealed in my head.  If I were to run 5th edition again for any length of time  (more on that later), I think these are the rules

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Valto Doomskimmer and the 13th Age Adventure that Turned into a DCC Adventure

First off I’d just like to say that I’m having a lot of fun playing 13th Age.  Thank you to +Christopher Osmundson for running this game for us every other Thursday.  I also really appreciate that “organized play” for 13th Age really seems to be “let’s get some adventures in the hands of GMs so they can run the game for players

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