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Alignment and Disposition

After my deep dive into alignment and what it came from, and how it got multi-purposed into D&D possibly in ways that it was never intended to work, I started thinking about one of those functions, most notably the disposition of beings that you might run into in an encounter. Way back in the shrouded days of early D&D, you

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What Do I Know About Houserules? Alignment (Cortex)

There was an interesting post a while back that I have just recently been contemplating, about hacking Marvel Heroic Roleplaying to emulate a 4th edition style game.  While reading through it, I noticed that the author mentioned not being entirely sure that the affiliation dice worked for a D&D style game but left them in. http://critical-hits.com/2012/03/26/fantasy-heroic-roleplaying-a-dd-4e-hack-for-marvel-heroic-roleplaying/ One of the strengths

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