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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Way of the Cobalt Soul and Oath of the Open Sea (Critical RoLe/D&D Beyond)

Recently two subclasses appeared on D&D Beyond, The Way of the Cobalt Soul for the Monk, and the Oath of the Open Sea for the Paladin. Both subclasses are connected to Critical Role, based on mechanics that Matthew Mercer has been tinkering with in the campaign, with two of his players. Unlike the Bloodhunter, an entire class which debuted in

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Blood Hunter (D&D 5e)

For someone who would reflexively say that Dungeons and Dragons 5thedition doesn’t really need more character classes, new character classes seem to catch my attention from time to time. The one I’m referring to at the moment was especially hard to miss, since it was a revision of Matt Mercer’s Blood Hunter class. While it started life as a translation

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