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Radioactive Round Pegs in Square Holes–D&D, Inspiration, and Context (Playing Monstrous Player Characters)

This article was originally inspired by the Down with D&D Episode 148, “Monstrous Races Part 1,” which was examining the then current Unearthed Arcana article that presented centaurs and minotaurs as playable PC characters in D&D. These rules have since been incorporated into the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. In the episode, they ask the question, “why play monstrous races?” You

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Down with D&D 107–Some Thoughts on Adventure Design and Presentation From a Total Consumer

Down With D&D Last Week The Down with D&D Podcast had a really interesting discussion on how adventures should be written and presented on their 7-15-2017 episode. I had enough thoughts on the topic that I wanted to share them here, on the blog, to keep people from getting too lost in my ramblings, and to quarantine my thoughts from

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