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What Do I Know About First Impressions? Unearthed Arcana 2021: Folk of the Feywild

We have a new Unearthed Arcana today! Our theme for this document is the Feywild, and the rules included are new lineages associated with that location. The last time we expanded the lineage options for player characters, it didn’t take long before the product reveal that pinpointed where those would appear in their final form. Having Feywild associated lineages will

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What Do I Know About First Impressions? The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Zine

There are times when I could swear that I have visited a topic before, and yet I can find no evidence. I backed the Kickstarter for The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Zine, and I’ve been enjoying the content so far. You can find some of the individual articles here on DriveThruRPG. As a backer, I’ve been getting these in

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Icewind Dale: Cult of the Shattered Peak (Dungeon Masters Guild Product)

One thing I have really enjoyed about the more recent D&D 5e adventure offerings is that they have spawned a lot of interesting ancillary Dungeon Masters Guild products related to the locations and the storyline. For Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, we received offerings detailing Candlekeep, and alternate scenes that could be used to start the adventure from Elturel or

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Arcadia (MCDM 5e Third Party Magazine)

I love magazine content to fuel my RPG obsession. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there these days since Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine were shuttered. I subscribed to D&D Insider, so I read many issues of the 4e version of Dragon Magazine, but that content always felt, I don’t know . . . safe? I enjoy Dragon+, but it also

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What Do I Know About Reviews? Encounters with the Dark Powers (Dungeon Masters Guild Product)

There is a category of RPG product that I think has really flourished in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e era. That’s not to say this category didn’t exist previous to 5e. I know, for example, Legendary Games started off by providing supplementary campaign products to Pathfinder adventure paths, but the campaign supplemental product is well represented on the Dungeon Masters

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What Do I Know About Reviews? My Dad’s Monster Manual (Dungeon Masters Guild Product)

The product we’re looking at today has a pretty unique origin. James Introcaso decided to show the illustration of monsters from the D&D 5e Monster Manual to his father, and ask him the following questions: What is this creature’s name? What can this creature do? What is this creature’s story? From those questions, James and Lucian Introcaso and Hannah Rose

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