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What’s My Fate?

After doing so many Shadow of the Demon Lord reviews, and doing that on the heels of a few 3rd party D&D reviews, I decided I wanted to do a bit of a pallet cleansing and review some science fiction material for a bit before doing any more fantasy RPG books. I also decided that I wasn’t in the mood

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Dungeons and Hacking–Borrowing Ideas from Other Games to Help Make D&D’s Backgrounds Work

One of the things that I really liked when I first saw the D&D Basic Rules for 5th edition were the Backgrounds. I really liked the idea of having easily summarized character traits that, if roleplayed well, would result in a character getting Inspiration. The better the roleplaying, and the more the character defines their character, the more Inspiration. The

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Narrative Generic Trek is Not a (Professionally Produced) Thing

The more I read through RPGs like Marvel Heroic, various Apocalypse World derived games, and Fate games, the more I am convinced that the feel and flow of various properties are definitely encapsulated better by more narrative oriented roleplaying games. I think Star Wars does well in a more traditional framework, because heroes shoot back or run from danger, use

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