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Winter War 2017 Recap, Part 3

Sunday morning at the convention is always a bit odd. I usually have a full table according to sign ups, and then only have about half of the people show up. This year was no exception. Thankfully, Powered by the Apocalypse games scale fairly well, and I was running The Sprawl. What’s In The Box? The players that showed up

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Ducking the Forces of the Annihilation Wave (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying–Annihilation Event Session Two)

When last we left our cosmic heroes, Gamora had just accepted the Xandarian Worldmind into her head, and Gamora, Ben Grimm, and Sue Richards had been captured by Super-Skrull, because Commander K’lrt has decided he needs some help to protect the Skrull garden planet of Aks’lo. It turns out, the Skrull Empire is a bit unconvinced that the Annihilation Wave

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