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For the Salvation of the Askellon Sector . . . and Other Reasons! (Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Session 1)

The Heresy began last night! We had our first session of Dark Heresy 2nd Edition last night.  It was a bit abbreviated because we still had a few players finishing up their characters, since we currently only have one Dark Heresy 2nd rulebook between the lot of us.  I suspect we’ll be rectifying that situation, but for now, we had

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The Words "Kobayashi Maru" Do Not Exist In This Universe (Force and Destiny RPG Recap)

When last we left our intrepid exiled Jedi Knights, they had witnessed their shuttle being violated by amorous Icetrompers.  Other stuff happened as well, but that was probably the most noteworthy.  Well, that, and they were traveling across Hoth on Tauntauns carrying a Jedi artifact and another box of Important Jedi Stuff that we had yet to open, because Gand

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Showdown in Khador (Iron Kingdoms RPG Recap)

Our ill-advised by deifically suggested employment was about to come to a head as the Stonegrinder Irregulars continued their march to the edge of Protectorate held Lael, towards Riversmet. What did our hero Jurg Cragscale learn this session? Scrutators apparently don’t understand the difference between theoretically explaining how bribery works to your interested party members and actually practicing briber, which

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