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What Do I Know About Reviews? The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide (5e OGL)

Way back during the d20 boom, Green Ronin released a system that utilized the d20 SRD, but in a way similar to what they had with Mutants and Masterminds. It was a d20 level-based system, but it didn’t use hit points, and realigned the concept of classes into three broad archetypes. To go along with this game system, the Blue

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What Do I Know About Reviews? The Book of the Righteous (5e OGL)

I had a ton of Green Ronin 3rd edition products. There was something about the topics they explored and the imagination they conveyed that kept me coming back for more supplements, even when I didn’t immediately integrate the material into my games. One of those products was The Book of the Righteous, a supplement dedicated to presenting a specific pantheon

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