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Alternative Traits, Advantage, Disadvantage, and Another Inspiration Solution (5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons)

On this very blog I’ve posted repeatedly about multiple ways to address my favorite least favorite entangled mechanics, traits and inspiration. After looking a few more games (such as the Storypathsystem and the ability to invoke story paths), I’ve got yet another take on how one might address the fact that it’s just kind of awkward to stop a game

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Dungeons and Hacking–Borrowing Ideas from Other Games to Help Make D&D’s Backgrounds Work

One of the things that I really liked when I first saw the D&D Basic Rules for 5th edition were the Backgrounds. I really liked the idea of having easily summarized character traits that, if roleplayed well, would result in a character getting Inspiration. The better the roleplaying, and the more the character defines their character, the more Inspiration. The

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