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Showdown in Khador (Iron Kingdoms RPG Recap)

Our ill-advised by deifically suggested employment was about to come to a head as the Stonegrinder Irregulars continued their march to the edge of Protectorate held Lael, towards Riversmet. What did our hero Jurg Cragscale learn this session? Scrutators apparently don’t understand the difference between theoretically explaining how bribery works to your interested party members and actually practicing briber, which

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Into the Iron Kingdoms . . . Viral Marketing or Why I’m Not a Profiler (Session Recap)

Last Thursday was our first full Iron Kingdoms session  (after a once scene non-combat encounter to set the campaign up the night of character creation).  The adventure we were playing through was Bitter Medicine, and had I actually seen the cover of the adventure before we played, well, let’s just say that my theorizing might have gone differently. That said,

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